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    时间:2014-11-09     作者:www.k30178.cn硅酸鹽板【原创】   阅读


    1, the basic level processing: float ash, coating surface, release agent, empty drum and materials of weathering effects of bond strength; With two meters by ruler of wall structure, inspection, shall not exceed 5 mm maximum deviation, cut or out-of-tolerance part should be picked with a than three repair cement mortar leveling. 


    2, with the underlying binding mortar: mixing adhesive mortar, cement, medium sand used 801 plastic composite mortar, consistency will be subject to shovel up don't slide pendant, you use the mix amount to an hour for degrees; Wipe the underlying binding mortar, will wipe equably mixing good bonding mortar on the wall at the grass-roots level, the thickness is 10 mm. 


    3, paste composite silicate insulation board: every step when the strap from bottom to top in turn paste, with lead weight along the first outside the wall around the popup line, paste paste when press the row good horizontal level, continuous, and up and down two rows of composite silicate insulation board should be vertical staggered joints plate long 1/2, plank to bite mismatch between in the corner. Plate adopts a point paste, with the float around every board daub 50 mm wide, 10 mm thick bonding mortar, and then in the plate on both sides of the central quincunx daub a diameter of 100 mm wide, 10 mm thick binding mortar several points; Will blot out good bonding mortar composite silicate insulation board immediately on the grassroots, uniform with a mallet to knock, and should be glued board and operated by two meters by feet flatten, guarantee by close to yan, smooth stick empty, no edge joints of plastering mortar, each stick out a piece of extrusion of mortar shall be removed in a timely manner. 


    4, wipe the anti-crack mortar: 425 with powder, cement, sand and coagulant synthetic anti-crack mortar, spread evenly over the stick good composite silicate insulation board, thickness of two meters. 


    5, buried stick grid cloth: buried stick to non-stick hand fruit good grid cloth, wipe again anti-crack mortar thickness is about 3 mm; Grid cloth cover. 


    6, veneer decoration: outside facing available coating and face brick, etc., according to the corresponding construction technology for decoration. 

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